Powerful onboard computers fitted in the Venus enables a deep learning AI to be running at all times when the drone is in the air. With such a complex system in place, it is now possible to extract valuable data insights from the massive and vast amount of airborne data, which is useful for many situations. Drones, with the bird's eye view, can collect huge amounts of data. With this wealth of data captured, it is then possible to sort and analyze the data to utilize the insights in real-time. The data insights can be used to provide information in many situations, e.g. weather conditions, traffic flow, and public safety. The power of big data comes in handy when it is used for prediction of scenarios such as disaster forecasting, job site progress and estimated completion date, or even agricultural yield prediction. Real-time big data can only be harvested with a nonstop operating drone, which is only possible with Fourfang's fully automated drone solution that operates day in and day out.

Fourfang's fully automated drone solution enables big data to be harvested and put to good use, providing various data insights and situation forecasting for a better future.

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