drone delivery network infrastructure

The staggering growth of eCommerce recently has created a huge demand for on-demand courier shipping. Customers are expecting faster and more accurate deliveries, further increasing the stress on the delivery network. Drones can go where road vehicles cannot, by utilizing the untapped airspace above the roads with the shortest route, direct delivery without the need of fulfillment center or warehousing. Drones will allow a lean, just in time shipping without any inventory, further reducing lead time and costs. It used to be just a futuristic dream until Fourfang's fully autonomous drone solution is a reality. Venus can be fitted with a payload bay to contain the courier shipment, and then travel from one Olympus to another, for courier shipment dropoff and also a battery swap, all done fully automatically. Same day delivery or even same hour delivery will be possible with Olympus and Venus.

Fourfang's fully automated drone solution now enables drone delivery in a practical sense, providing delivery drones as an infrastructure to power a deep and complex delivery network.

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