Security & surveillance from the skies

In these times of uncertainty, we require constant surveillance around our perimeters to keep ourselves safe from threats. Fourfang’s fully automated drone solution powered by Venus and Olympus can provide you an accurate, real-time alert of suspicious activities, allowing you to make decisions immediately, giving you control and awareness of the situation at the site. Venus will follow a set of predefined waypoints as it performs the routine security checks from the sky. The view from the sky provides another angle of perspective previously unobtainable with conventional CCTVs. Aerial data gathered by the Venus is invaluable and can be used as evidence, as the data footage will be saved and stored for at least a week for record-keeping. Olympus will be on the ground, always supporting Venus when the mission is completed. Unlimited mission loops can be performed on the site, without any human intervention as the Olympus will swap batteries and maintain the Venus for the next critical mission.

Fourfang’s fully automated drone solution scans for security threats from the skies, provides real-time notifications and security alerts, allowing immediate decision making for the security operators for the best control of the situation.

border patrol security

sea port security