With the increase in road traffic, congestions will occur more frequently and accidents will also tend to happen more often. Road conditions will degrade by the day, and a solution is required to keep track of these changes. Fourfang’s fully automated drone solution can now offer a better method of monitoring traffic and road conditions in real-time. The bad road conditions such as potholes, broken bridges or torn billboards will be reported to the operators to repair them. The fully automated Venus will be able to cover large distances, constantly monitoring the traffic and keeping a lookout for traffic accidents. Any situation that requires an emergency response will trigger Venus to deliver a pack of first-aid kit with instructions to the accident site before the first responders can reach the accident site. The Venus will be constantly monitoring the roads and also the slopes beside the roads, to predict mudslide areas. Assets such as traffic light and street lights can be better managed with a drone constantly monitoring their statuses.

Fourfang’s fully automated drone solution is a key tool to better managing the road conditions and the traffic as well. Real-time data insights into the traffic conditions and accident reporting can be done automatically, and first-aid kits can be sent immediately to accident sites to minimize risk.

accident monitoring

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