delivered with precision and speed

Drones are being used to send items through the air, allowing faster and better delivering of payloads to the customers. Fourfang's fully automated drone delivery system will allow a seamless, accurate and fast delivery of items through the air. Customers will be able to enjoy same-day delivery of their purchases.



No warehouses will be needed as the items will be delivered so quickly from the seller's directly to the consumer with the Fourfang Drone Delivery System. Customers will receive their items within the same day.


As the items are handled by the Fourfang Fully Autonomous Drone System, Venus and Olympus will be delivering items with unprecedented accuracy.

Nonstop Operation

Robotics requires zero downtime, therefore allowing a 24/7 delivery of items. This will greatly minimize the inventory and giving a huge boost to streamlining the logistics of the courier delivery in the shipping industry.