24/7 fully autonomous drones

It’s happening.

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infrastructure of the future

Fourfang creates intelligent drone-in-a-box systems that operate 24/7 without human control. The drones analyze data in real-time with AI and send the data insights back to the users. We are creating a future infrastructure, by making flying robots so common that people do not even notice them when it is operational, but will feel the effect if it is gone.

We are developing AI robots that can fly, work, and rest independently without any human interference. They can be used in infrastructure inspection, agriculture, transport, security, and many various industries, operational for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, just like running water and electricity. It’s always there.

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Battery Swapping

24/7 Continuous Mission Flight

Smart charging system


4G & 5G Network Connected

Continuous connectivity

Data can be accessed anywhere

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Safe and Durable

Highly efficient motors

Powerful flight controller


Deep learning artificial intelligence

Recognize various objects in a frame

Can be trained to recognize new object


Integrated flight control software & app

Simple, user friendly ecosystem


Fully autonomous operation

Operator free from environment factor

Automatic Take Off & Landing

Venus Olympus process flow-01.png

Olympus swaps batteries with robotics in <3 min

Olympus slides out the platform for Venus to take off


Venus takes off automatically after safety checks are done  

Venus performs the mission and maintains communication with Olympus


Venus returns, lands accurately and automatically on Olympus


Venus Unveil @ MaGIC, Cyberjaya