we increase efficiency and output

A small fault or breakdown in an industrial facility will cause a serious loss of time and money. Constant monitoring and responsive attendance to the problems such as equipment failure, intruders or work site disaster is required to provide a smooth and continuous process, ensuring high output and productivity, safety, and efficiency. Fourfang's fully automated drone solution scans the industrial facility, and provides real-time data about the condition of the site, immediately alerting the managers if any irregularities are found. Managers and operators can take immediate action to issue a remedy to the issue before it escalates, further reducing the damage, and increasing the safety and productivity.



Industrial facilities are highly protected with Venus providing constant perimeter surveillance. Fourfang's application will provide real-time alerts and notification to the managers if suspicious activities are found.


Inspection of the facility equipment, such as tanks and cranes, will be done by Venus constantly, giving you the information needed to plan for the next maintenance.


If any accidents such as gas leaks or health and safety issues with the workers were detected by Venus, the managers will be alerted immediately for rapid deployment of a remedy task force.