We keep the energy going

◦ Our world is still dependant on fossil fuels as the main energy source, which makes it a very valuable and critical resource. It is important to make sure the facilities both onshore and offshore, to be performing at the top condition, by performing security patrols and doing routine maintenance and inspections regularly. However, it is still required to shut down the plant fully or partially, install scaffolding, and sending human operators to perform the checks or maintenance. It is not only dangerous but also time-consuming, further impacting the output capability of the plant. Now, Fourfang's fully automated drone solution can provide real-time aerial data overseeing the facility, reporting any faults or emergencies to the managers on-site immediately, without incurring any operational downtime.



Oil rigs contain a lot of sensitive equipment and valuable inventory. Venus will be able to provide 24/7 security around the perimeter of the facility and give real-time notification to the manager if an intrusion is detected.


No scaffolding and downtime required with Fourfang's automated drone inspection routine. Faulty equipment and facility will be notified immediately.

Emergency Response

High-risk areas such as oil and gas rigs or refineries require a very rapid response towards emergencies. Aerial data from Fourfang's autonomous drone will be able to detect oil leaks and notify the managers, preventing the emergency from escalating by responding immediately.