Live smart dream big

The future city will consist of smart buildings, high-speed data connection, as well as world-class autonomous drone infrastructure. Fourfang's Olympus and Venus will be able to power the future smart city by providing state of the art security and sensing capabilities to provide a safe and sound environment to the citizens. Weather prediction, traffic alleviation, as well as disaster prevention, can be implemented with Fourfang's fully automated drone solution. Venus will be able to deliver items and transmit aerial data to the users to make a more informed decision with their everyday lives.



A smart city can be well protected with Fourfang's fully automated drone system. Operational for 24/7 and constantly helping police the city, Venus will keep the citizens safe and prevent crimes from happening. Police forces will be able to request backup and investigation from the many Venus in the sky, providing real-time intel when there is an emergency in the smart city.

Big Data

When many people are living together in a smart city, they will generate a lot of data that can be managed properly to provide value. Fourfang's system can track the flow of human traffic and also road traffic, detect disasters, identify faulty power lines and potholes, measure air and water quality and so much more, giving the citizens a higher quality of life.


There will be a big demand for transporting goods in a smart city, and to deliver the goods using clean and renewable energy. Fourfang's autonomous drone is the best system to cater to these new needs, handling thousands of courier delivery every day, all the while protecting the environment by not producing any carbon footprint, getting the delivery done quickly while alleviating traffic and warehouse space.