Fourfang is a robotics+automation company which incorporates Artificial Intelligence into UAV systems, enabling fully automated drone operations without human assistance. Fourfang has developed a fast and easy to use fully autonomous drone solution. The system consists of a drone named Venus with an onboard AI computer, allowing the system to provide real-time data analytics, and a docking station named Olympus for battery swapping and maintenance which allows the fully autonomous mission operation.

This system allows the drone to operate 24/7 automatically without any human involvement and is suitable to be used in various industries that require 24/7 security or tracking missions at dirty, dangerous and difficult environments.

Many customers are using drones for surveillance and inspection jobs. Drones are especially suitable for large areas and remote places where it is difficult and costly to reach and monitor with conventional methods. Various businesses and industries are getting familiar and creative with the usage of drones for their needs. However, there are not many drone solutions that can operate 24/7 without any human involvement.

Heavy industries such as maritime and mining, as well as border security are especially in demand of these types of solutions, a drone that can operate without human involvement for 24/7, providing valuable real-time data to the key decision makers.

Founded in December 2016 at Malaysia, Fourfang has 4 founders and 10 engineers on board, with 2 PhDs within the founders. Fourfang is currently located at Prime Lab 2 Futurise Centre, Block 3710, Persiaran Apec, Cyber 8, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.



FOURFANG strives to realize the dream of transforming drones into a robust, fundamental infrastructure, providing reliable data services and item deliveries to the customers around the world, by having the highest number of drones in the air at all times.



Dr. Shian Lee is the co-founder, CEO and CTO of Fourfang. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Purdue University and now holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Dynamics and Control. He is experienced in leading and integrating engineering teams for UAV projects related to the military. He has 10 years of design, fabrication, assembly, and control of autonomous UAVs. He is also proficient in aircraft dynamics, guidance, navigation and control and control design via Matlab & Simulink. Lithium-ion battery management system is also one of his strengths. He integrates all his experience in the various field to create the products in Fourfang. Shian envisions a world where UAVs are being used as an everyday tool without human supervision.

Alfred Koh is a co-founder of Fourfang. He graduated from Purdue University with an Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree. He has 9 years of design, fabrication, assembly, and problem solving on programming and electronic control. He is also proficient in servo systems and optic sensor devices. Alfred is the Chief Business Officer and is responsible for the business and marketing aspects of the company, and has 7 years of experience in business operations, management and trading.

Yet Terng Tan is a co-founder of Fourfang. He has 10 years of design, fabrication, assembly and design debugging for physical components, and also worked for 2 years in a carbon Fiber machining workshop. He is also familiar with manufacturing processes and manufacturing limitations, as well as structural design for machinery and components. Yet Terng is the Chief Design Officer of the company and is responsible for the design and manufacturing of the parts in Fourfang.

Dr. Hsuchew Lee is a co-founder of Fourfang. He holds a Ph.D. in Computational Fluid Dynamics. He is proficient in developing code for parallel supercomputers and is also experienced in computer vision and Artificial Intelligence, specifically in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Hsuchew is the CRO and is responsible for developing and leading the AI team in Fourfang.

The four founders have known each other since college days, for more than 10 years.

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