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fully automatic docking station

Olympus is a state of the art drone docking station that allows a fully automated drone solution, without the need of a human pilot or operator. Olympus can be situated at dirty and dangerous locations where it is unsuitable for human operators to be near.

Battery swapping robotics

Olympus houses a robotic actuator that is capable of changing batteries of Venus, the drone. Accurate alignment of the Venus is done automatically in Olympus. The robotic gripper will pick the used battery from the Venus, and then replace in a fully recharged battery. The battery swap takes only 3 minutes to complete.


24/7 operation

Venus can operate continuously and on-demand with the support of the Olympus. An array of batteries are charged simultaneously in Olympus to provide for the next mission. Constant communication is established and maintained to ensure a safe and repeated mission.

Rugged and robust

▪ Olympus and Venus are built with anti-corrosion materials and rugged design to withstand even the harshest conditions. Olympus is weatherproof and has a climate control interior to ensure all the mechanical and electronic components are in healthy operating conditions.


deep-learning AI

Automatic takeoff and landing with high accuracy and repeatability are achieved with computer vision-based control system on the Venus, allowing robust operations every time. Deep learning algorithms onboard allows a real-time analysis of the video footages and provides immediate data insights to the user, providing immediate decision-making capabilities for stronger security and rapid response to emergencies.

safe operations

Venus has all the world-class safety features, with strict waypoint following missions, geofencing, return to home failsafe, various redundancies, and auto safety checks before every flight.



24/7 always online

Adaptable to mission requirements

Venus can be installed with different payloads such as deep learning vision cameras, night vision cameras and infra-red cameras for surveillance missions. A compartment for payload delivery can also be fitted for parcel delivery missions.

long-range connectivity

Venus has virtually unlimited connectivity range as it can be connected to the cloud via 4G internet. Long-range video and communication transmission are also available for places without 4G, providing data at your fingertips.