Ultra Portable Ground Control Station
Best companion for Luna series UAV


Vesta comes with a standard 5km video and flight data downlink and can be upgraded to include an antenna tracking system, allowing ranges up to 100km. Vesta can also be connected to the internet, giving you virtually unlimited range to your cloud-connected UAV. Vesta is the most compatible Portable Ground Control Station with our Luna series UAVs.

portable and rugged

Vesta is designed with portability and robustness in mind. With a form factor of 52x42x23cm and foldable build-in antennas, Vesta is easy to deploy and carry around. Made with lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum and carbon fiber, and packaged in a watertight, ruggedized travel case, Vesta can withstand the harshest conditions and still be fully functional.



One Button Operation Ground Control Station

user-friendly software and hardware

Vesta is powered by Fourfang’s powerful and user-friendly ground control software – Ursa. All the important flight information and live video are displayed clearly in Ursa, giving you total control over the UAV. Ruggedized physical buttons on the bottom plate allow a robust operation and give your operators a tactical advantage.

long battery endurance

Vesta boasts an endurance of 12 hours of operation, giving you the reliability for continuous missions. AC power inlet is also available to charge and power up Vesta if a wall power outlet is available.